There are many misunderstandings when buying hinges, how to choose?

Hinges can be said to be the most important in furniture hardware. They are frequently opened and used, and they have to bear weight. Therefore, experienced decoration owners usually pay more attention to the choice of hinges. In the hardware reader group, readers often ask me how to buy and use hinges, and find that there are many misunderstandings, and most of these misunderstandings come from the wrong marketing information on the Internet, so it is necessary to mention two of the most widely circulated. I will summarize and clarify the misunderstandings, and try not to spread such misunderstandings as much as possible.

First, the stainless steel hinge is good, will not rust

At first glance, there is no problem with this sentence, but I forget the most fundamental: the most important role of the hinge is to bear the load, especially the high door of the wardrobe, and the second is to consider the problem of rust. The hinges of major foreign hardware brands are all made of cold-rolled steel. They are formed by one-time stamping and have a thick feel. The surface is smooth and has a nickel-plated layer. The thickness of the nickel-plated layer reaches the standard and is not easy to rust. It is strong and durable. 304 stainless steel hinges have insufficient hardness and low bearing capacity, and many are actually lower grade 201 materials. Even if it is 304 stainless steel, only the surface of the main body is made of 304 stainless steel, and its connecting pieces, rivets, and hydraulic cylinders must be cold-rolled steel, because the hardness of cold-rolled steel is better than that of stainless steel. There are two factors that determine whether the furniture cabinet door will not sag after a period of use: the load-bearing and quantity of the hinges, which should be clear.

2. The four-hole base is stronger than the two-hole base hinge

This sentence sounds logically flawless, and woodworkers often use this sentence to fool the owners. So why are many hinges of foreign brands with two-hole bases? The damping of domestic hinges can only be buffered slowly when the door is opened to the maximum. Closing the door at a small angle will not play a role in buffering, so closing the door at a small angle or go back with a snap. The hinges of several famous foreign brands have good damping, the door is softly closed, and the whole process can be buffered, even if a little seam is opened, it can be buffered back. , the service life is also longer than that of the domestic hinge with 4 screw holes.


In addition, many two-hole bases can be adjusted in three dimensions, and the gap can be easily adjusted up and down, front and rear, left and right, while two holes in the four-hole base are actually strip holes, which are used to adjust the upper and lower height of the cabinet door, which cannot be done. Three-dimensional adjustable, can only be solved by adding strip holes in the base. So don't say that the two-hole base hinge is bad, it is the prejudice and old experience of many workers.

Therefore, the choice of hinge must be a two-hole three-dimensional adjustable cold-rolled steel hinge with strong bearing capacity. Weighing the weight by hand, a good cold-rolled steel hinge is very heavy, one has more than 100 grams. In addition, the thickness of the nickel-plated layer, at least 8μ, is not easy to rust. In addition, the configuration of the number of high cabinet doors is also very critical, and it is also where many furniture manufacturers often cut corners. The principle is: the cabinet door below one meter is equipped with two hinges, and one more hinge is added for every 50 cm longer than one meter.

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