How much do you know about door hinges?

The door hinge is widely used in the door leaf and is an indispensable accessory. We generally rarely notice it, but it plays a great role in the door leaf, providing a buffer function for the door leaf when it is closed. Reduce noise and friction.

Today, the editor will tell you about the most important piece of hardware - the door hinge, and the knowledge of hinges under the in-depth science.

1. The role of door hinges

Hang the door leaf support for free rotation of the door leaf. Some special types of hinges realize some additional special functions, such as over-the-line hinges, self-closing hinges, etc.

2. What types of hinges are there?

The hinges are divided into different categories and can be divided into

Adjustable and non-adjustable hinges

Removable and non-removable hinges

One-way and two-way hinges

Fire and non-fire hinges

Exposed hinges, recessed hinges and hidden hinges

Steel and wood door hinges, narrow frame profile door hinges and full glass door hinges

Self-rising hinges, anti-theft hinges, medical hinges, over-the-line hinges, etc.

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3.The main performance indicators of the hinge

The most important performance index of the hinge is the load-bearing performance, and the load-bearing performance index is generally 10Kg as a grade unit. Other performance indicators of hinges include service life, corrosion resistance, etc. According to different standard systems and test methods, there are different indicators. For example, in the European standard, there are requirements for the amount of deformation after the life test; and there are stricter requirements for resistance to elastic deformation and plastic deformation.

4. Whether the load-bearing performance of the hinge is related to the size of the hinge

The physical size of the hinge is related to the load-bearing performance of the hinge. Generally speaking, the hinge with high load-bearing performance will have larger values of hinge height, hinge shaft diameter and leaf thickness.

5. Why do the hinges need to be greased?

In some hinges, in order to lubricate the hinge core and the reel and reduce friction, it is necessary to add grease between them; in addition, in the case of insufficient machining accuracy, the gap between the hinge core and the reel is large, and no addition is required. If there is grease, the hinges will shake a lot, so add grease to compensate.

6. Why does the hinge with added grease show black grease after using it for a period of time?

After the hinge has been running for a period of time, the viscosity of the grease added in it will decrease, and it will flow out more easily; at the same time, the shaft core and the reel of the hinge will have different degrees of wear, and when the wear is more serious, more black iron powder will be produced , to dye the oil black. Therefore, depending on the oil used and the processing accuracy, transparent or black grease will flow out sooner or later, which will affect the appearance to varying degrees.

7. How does the use environment affect the hinge?

Different use environments have different requirements for hinges. For example, in large public buildings, doors are used very frequently, and generally the size of doors is relatively larger, so hinges with high load-bearing performance and long service life need to be selected. Another example is the application of the seaside or the storage of a certain series of chemicals, there are higher requirements for the corrosion resistance of the hinge, and it is necessary to choose a hinge with a special material or anti-corrosion surface treatment.

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